Reaching Out and Help Someone in Need
Reaching Out and Help Someone in Need
Brain Advancement Coaching Raising the Potential of the Human Brain; for Regular People, by Regular People.
Brain AdvancementCoaching                                                                                                                                                            Raising the Potential                                                                              of the Human Brain;                                                                              for Regular People,                                                                              by Regular People.

Brain Advancement Coach Training

To sign up, just go to Create an account and proceed through the directions to choose a course. You MUST start with the Fundamental Course and work your way to Core. 


A Brain Advancement Coach trains brains, no matter the age, to improve brain issues like learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, autism, dementia and more. We use the latest in brain science to improve processing, memory, attention and logic.


The trainers go through brain training with Kathy Johnson from the comfort of their own homes, using the internet and videos. The first month is designed to prepare the brain for cognitive skills training by working on developing good auditory processing, visual processing, and integrating the primitive reflexes. The next three months are spent following training videos that will improve YOUR memory, attention, processing speed and reasoning. Each week has a live support call to answer questions and receive more individualized training. Expect to spend an hour a day, 5 to 7 days a week on improving your brain.


All trainers that pass the course, showing real improvements in their brain from evidence of the pre and post cognitive skills test, become a Brain Advancement Coach! In the first year of doing this course, our trainers bumped up their long term memory by over 18 percentile points!!


Once you are a coach, you will receive an individualized web page, support and marketing through Pyramid of Potential.
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Brain Advancement Coach Training         $500



Brain Advancement Kit                            $441

   Includes: Maintaining Brains Everyday

                  Pre and Post Testing

                  Equipping Minds Trainer Workbook

                  Equipping Minds Student Workbook

   If you already own some of these, do not order them.


 There are additional games and workbooks to purchase, totaling about $150. You will use these with your future clients. The total approximate cost for everything is $1300.


Please be in contact with us if you are interested in becoming a Brain Advancement Coach or just have some questions. Call Bethany DeMarsh at 518-260-3937 or email her at



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