Reaching Out and Help Someone in Need
Reaching Out and Help Someone in Need
Brain Advancement Coaching Raising the Potential of the Human Brain; for Regular People, by Regular People.
Brain AdvancementCoaching                                                                                                                                                            Raising the Potential                                                                              of the Human Brain;                                                                              for Regular People,                                                                              by Regular People.

What Our Team Is Saying

The following is from a 60-something Speech Pathologist who had a traumatic brain injury 8 years ago, and has been going through the Brain Advancement Coaching program:

As you know I am interested in repeating this wonderful, helpful and insightful class again.   Ha ha ha I thought to say "enabling".  Usually we or I think of enabling as something we do not want to do for others.  But the reality boils down to ones perspective.  So I will elaborate = yes, this class is enabling me to grow and gain skills for ME. My life is so much better being enrolled and following through on your suggestions.  My entire person is benefiting from & with the class.  
SO ~ thank you so much!
PS: Plus = the class is truly FUN!   and rewarding...... the hard & frustrating parts are just a part of the growing process.



Thanking God that from your direction, Kathy, my memory is better! I used to be so worried! Now I know that I can help myself and others!
So excited for the future ahead of helping children and adults to be the best they can be! 
Thank you Kathy for your love and commitment to this field and to us!
You are a true inspiration!” Mary Jo Fleishman, Brain Advancement Coach graduate, Canton OH

Carol, Dyslexia Teacher, Texas

 Wow Kathy!  

I am fired up!!!  This is too good to be true!  I couldn't even dream something up this good!  
I don't know if you'll still want to do this when you hear that I beat you at Spot IT the first go around!  Only by 3...but I'm still gloating!  The second time you creamed me 18 - 9!  Third time you won 16 - 11. Fourth time I won...finally 12 - 15 and 5th time I squeaked by you 14 to 13!  I've been practicing with my kiddo's at school when I can.'d better watch out!    
I am trying to incorporate as much brain work as I can...focusing at the Elementary on including brain exercises.  We are doing them to the metronome, but not the video because of time restraints.  I've got to get some parent permission to video and send to you.  I love the lizard when the kids do it together!  To encourage my kids to do the exercises as correctly as possible, I told them I was looking for the best group to video for our school. They are pumped!  All competing to be the best class! 


November 19. 2015


At the beginning of class last year, I hesitantly sacrificed 10 – 12 minutes to do the Maintaining Brains Everyday exercises.  I soon found out that I was not sacrificing one moment of time!  Not only were we exercising, but we were getting through the entire lesson cycle!  My students were more focused and able to remember what I was teaching them!  I noticed improved reading, spelling, and handwriting as well as an overall improvement in their classes.  Teacher’s started commenting on how much better they were doing in class and wanted to know what we were doing differently.  But most of all, the student’s themselves were excited to share with me the changes in themselves.  They noticed a huge difference from the inside out!


But what I am amazed about this year is that it all “stuck”!  My students are much easier to teach this year.  I remember saying, “I can teach them to read, but I don’t know if they will ever be a good speller!”  That too seems to be changing.  At least now, they can remember the rules and why they have to apply them.  Last year, I also incorporated Kathy’s Phonemic Awareness using a metronome with my class.  They loved it because they could see how they were improving and were able to do things at much higher speeds.  Now, whenever we move from one kit to another, we spend very little time on phonetic spelling and can go right to situational spelling and word formulas. 


I would like to say that they are no longer dyslexic, but that has not been my experience.  What the program does is allow them to be able to move forward at a much faster pace.  Now, I must add, that the district that I am teaching in is growing so fast that we have a large teacher/ student ratio.  One on one instruction, or a truly small group could make a huge difference in acquiring skills at a rate that would make you think they were not functioning as a dyslexic. That, I don’t know because I have not had that opportunity. 


Carol Crawford



Exercises were performed last year- This year’s observations!

5th and 6th Grade Student Observations


Better focus, sleep better, reading and spelling improved, better on school work!  Michael T 5th grade

Read better and faster, stopped all nightmares! Zach J 5th grade

Focus better, reading and writing improved! Gabe B 5th grade

Reading and spelling improved, I like reading now!  Jonathan H 5th grade

Helped me go across the page better! Sebastian M 5th grade

All grades improved from 60’s to 80’s and higher, helped all around!

 AJ 5th grade

Concentration, reading, and spelling are better! Jimmie 5th grade

Helped with focus, reading speed, and now able to remember 7-9 numbers in a row.  Brayden S 6th grade

Improved my focus, math, reading, and my spelling is much better too.  My handwriting is smaller and neater.  Grant P 6th grade

Helped with focus, reading and spelling.  Neko S 6th grade

I am focusing more.  My reading, spelling, and handwriting are improved.  Alex C 6th grade


Shambra, OT, Oklahoma


-Understand people better when they talk

-better time management

-increased productivity

- a little bit of increase in processing speed

-increased was REALLY bad, hey, I'm actually remembering SOME things now :) Still have a long way to go.

-a little better with recalling words

Barb, SLP, New Jersey

Hi Kathy,

Your voice makes the sessions addicting, since it is so pleasant and your personality is very engaging. The setting is great, I love the little lamp in the background- a little warmth, but not too distracting. I am sharing the program with a few teachers and a para, and when things slow down at school I will share with supervisors as well. 

 The videos have been very good.  My speed evens out with yours, sometimes I am faster, sometimes slower, many times I have said it at the same time as you have. 

With the Set Cards and the Stroop arrows I went to saying all 3 features (set) and color/direction (Stroop) right away. I found them very easy to do, especially when I had a rhythm, not necessarily set by the metronome. When I do numbers forward and backward with my students as part of the Test of Auditory Processing, most kids need the pace to be quick so that they can remember and say all the numbers and more.  I can see where slowing down and remembering larger chunks, and/or having to sequence during the longer intervals could be challenging for them. 

While I am not formally training one person, I am using the activities with students and showing my family some of them as well. It is a lot of fun.......  I will have results as we continue to use them. 


Mary Jo Fleishman, Brain Advancement Coach graduate, Canton OH

Thanking God that from your direction Kathy my memory is better! I used to be so worried! Now I know that I can help myself and others!
So excited for the future ahead of helping children and adults to be the best they can be! 
Thank you Kathy for your love and commitment to this field and to us!
You are a true inspiration!” Mary Jo Fleishman, Brain Advancement Coach graduate, Canton OH


Sripriya Ramesh, Bangladesh India

"Thank you so much for your guidance and help to complete the course. 
When I started I was little doubtful as I was not sure how the whole process would work. Because I got the materials on time, excellent quality videos and the weekly call The whole process went smoothly. If this programme is available to all the children in the world I am sure childhood would be more enjoyable."

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